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Mosaic SedgeThe Uk's most comprehensive fly pattern database

The claim to be The Uk's most comprehensive fly pattern database is a very bold one as, quite clearly, we are far from it.

It is more of a target or aspiration than a statement of fact. The journey is a long one and my intention is to try and involve as much feedback and discussion around this work as possible rather than claiming authority on the patterns contained.

I make no claim as to the accuracy of the patterns and materials as to the original dressing as some of the original materials may no longer be available, therefore a modern or other substitute may be used. The object, as always, is to try and encourage innovation in fly dressing so, please, change and adapt any of the patterns on the site for your own use and forgive me if I have done the same in the patterns I present on this site. I will of course try to stay as true as possible to the traditional patterns, but make no promises as I love to experiment.

Ian Akers


practicalfly is the second of my websites about fly tying and fly fishing the first was Practical Fly Fishing and Fly Tying at the address that is rapidly building into a great fun resource for both fly tying and fly fishing, if you are in need of a fix while this site is being built pop over by clicking on the above image for guides on buzzer and sedge fishing, along with some great Step by Step tying guides and videos on tying patterns and techniques.

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