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This is the second site from the same stable as and is set up in-line with the same principles that this is a site by an amateur angler for amateur anglers. The object is to encourage more fly anglers to tie their own flies.

Fly dressing can be enjoyable in its own rights and fishable flies can be tied by anyone from the beginner to the accomplished fly dresser. The pride in a well dressed fly is unmatchable and the pleasure from catching a fish on your own flies is only exceeded by someone else doing the same on your flies. The next step is to encourage and help someone else to tie their own flies and with that in mind I intend this site to be the opportunity for myself and some good friends from the angling world to pass on some of the patterns, with pictures, as a reference work.

This site will be a work in progress for some time to come, if not indefinitely. If you want to pass on a pattern and picture of one of your patterns I would be happy to include it in this work of passion. I can't guarantee when it will be added but I will try and reference you as the contributor.


Ian Akers and the friends of